Mason Pearson

The next chapter of the Mason Pearson story

What we did:

  • Print Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Illustration


Mason Pearson hairbrushes have been loved by generations, a British design icon that still outperforms its rivals. The next step on their journey was to compliment their industry leading hair brushes with the highest quality hair care products.


With such a well known and respected brand, launching a new product line comes with several important considerations. Mason Pearson lean heavily into their heritage and tradiotonal visual identity with how they market themslselves, from the product designs to the packaging of their products. With this in mind we need to tread carefully, ensuring that any new products still retained that original set of values.

The idea

Working closely with the team at Mason Pearson, we felt it important to retain the visual heritage the brand is known for, whilst exploring new ways to implement their distinctive identity throughout a new product line.

A Rich Heritage

Mason Pearson hairbrushes boast over 130 years of craftsmenship and are instantly recognisable around the world highly regarded for values including loyalty, luxury and efficacy and sustainability.

All in the details

Mason Pearson have never believed in short cuts. Every little detail is considered, and each hairbrush is desgined, made packaged in keeping with designs that are true to the designs from the 1920s.

Upholding the heritage for a new product line

With the wealth of knowledge we had on the history and values of Mason Pearson, we set to work developing designs for their new line of hair care products with the emphasis on keeping any and all new products cohesive with the rich visual history of the Mason Pearson brand.

Various considerations was given to the development of the product range. The colours used throughout are inspired heavily by the packaging of the original hairbrushes. Design elements throughout also hark back to the original designs and concepts used by Mason Pearson over the years.

“Working with Kozo has been an absolute joy from the start. They were extremely creative, quick and always happy to help. Sound advice, great ideas, excellent results, speedy work, nothing is too much trouble for them. I could go on...”

Bea Morrison - Project Manager, Mason Pearson