Kensington Tennis Club

Streamlining complex systems

What we did:

  • App Design + Build
  • Website Design + Build
  • UX + UI
  • Creative Strategy
  • Branding


Kensington Tennis Club are a well established and successful tennis coaching company operating at multiple locations across London, with a rapidly growing customer base.


We were approached to help solve the problem of an overly complex and time consuming booking process. Previously using messaging and phone calls to organise bookings and lessons, administration time was often wasted spent checking bookings and chasing payments.

The idea

We needed to find a way to drastically streamline a majorly complex booking and administration process, putting control back in the clients hands, allowing them to run their company almost entirely from their phone.

Mobile Application

We designed and built a mobile application that greatly streamlined and automated Kensington Tennis Club’s booking and payment process.

All bookings are now taken through the app and payments are taken instantly and logged. Admin can quickly and easily track and control bookings over all locations, assign and change assigned coaches amongst various other features.

Amazing user experiences

The user-base of the app would span many different age ranges and so the app interface and UI needed to be functional and easy to use whilst still being clean and attractive. Easy to use functions were crucial as the purpose of the app was to ease pressure from the administration team, requiring less of their time to be used troubleshooting with clients.

KTC Web Components


With a premium reputation and affluent clientele, Kensington Tennis Club were looking for a brand that personified the premium, quality services they provide whilst elevating their brand with a regal yet minimal design, leaning into the London heritage of the company.

Setting the tone

Bright, fun complimentary colours were implemented for various logo variations, giving the branding added versatility and overall visual continuity. The simple yet bold branding is easily applied to promotional material and can easily be scaled whilst maintaining its visual integrity.