Hillstone Law

Taking the stress out of legal advice

Logo for Hillstone Law over an image of fields. A project by Kozo Creative.

What we did:

  • Website Design
  • Logo & Branding
  • Creative Strategy


Law is complex, and because of this far too often the way to seek legal assistance can be confusing and scary.


We wanted to design a fully capable, content rich website that didn't scare away users or overwhelm them before they found what they needed. We had to balance minimal design without losing key information.

The idea

The world of legal advice can be stressful and confusing at the best of times. A lot of law firms have busy websites with lots of information overwhelming to the user. We wanted to take a calmer approach to legal assistance.

Creating a safe space

If you're approaching a law firm chances are you may be in some amount of distress. With this basic but fundamental fact in mind we wanted to design a 'safe space' for website visitors, with reduced visual distractions and clear call-to-actions. By implementing minimal design elements, clear navigation and by reducing the amount of unnecessary homepage content, this helps the user navigate gently through the website. Once sections of the website are located, pages are expanded and more detailed information is provided, keeping the more immediate navigation and user experience free from clutter.

Building trust through good design

Keeping the user experience and interface clean was priority for this project. Subtle use of iconography helps to point the user in the right direction without the need to spend time searching for key information in large amounts of text, letting the user get where they need quicker.

Features such as client testimonials were a compelling addition to the homepage layout, building another layer of trust bewteen the user and the company, coupled with simple contact options.


Building trust in a brand is a crucial step for any business, especially within the legal sector. With Hillstone Law we created a strong, assured brand identity using neutral calming tones combined with bold fonts and a strong lettermark.