We utilise modern, approved SEO techniques to help your website reach more potential customers.

The world of SEO is daunting to navigate and difficult to get right. When done correctly, ranking higher on search engines like Google can have a huge impact on your website traffic and the profit it helps generate.

At Kozo, we work with stakeholders to assess the best strategy for your business to rank higher on Google. Our team then employs the agreed strategy to turn your investment into traffic.

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Paid vs Organic Search

You might have heard the terms 'paid search' and 'organic search' in relation to SEO and rankings. But what's the difference?

Paid search optimisation involves 'bidding' on the key words and phrases you want to appear for on Google. Your website will then appear at the top of the search results for that keyword, marked as an advert. How high you appear within those paid results depends on how high you bid, and how strong the competition is for that term.

Organic search optimisation means creating and organising your website's content in a way that Google will deem it valuable for a given key word or phrase. You do not pay for it directly, but it can involve an investment of time and resource before seeing results.


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